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Computer science

IT assets management

You have expansion projects in mind with new infrastructures? Our team can provide help with computer, router, switch, IP phones or basic phones configuration. We may also install all the necessary cable to ensure the effective operation of your IT assets.

We also offer those services:

  • Sale, installation and support for computer and network devices

  • Out-sourcing services provided by one of our skilled technicians

Project management

You wish to add your devices to your business network or simply buy new devices, our major inventory ensure a quick and simple supply. You have a complex project to develop? Our specialized technicians will guide you toward a solution that suits your needs.

Work process analysis and optimization

Your goals are to improve your productivity and reduce costs or to use technology to limit repetitive tasks? Your business faces challenges regarding employees availability in a context of labor shortage and wish to do more with less? Many solutions may apply to your business to optimize your work process.



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100 MBITS 

Unlimited use


104,95$ / month


*Credit card payment only.

Internet Optic fiber

You need Internet optic fiber? Tango Nordik can garanty a reliable access to suit your business needs.



Business telephony

Whether you have a small or large company, we have telephony options to suit your needs at a low cost.


Our VoIP skilled technicians offers you the best solution. More stable than ever, VoIP will be cost-effective since long distance calls are free (Canada / USA unlimited calls).

You wish to add more than one company to your telephony system or to add teleworking employees? Tango Nordik will configure your telephony system to suit your needs.

Tango Nordik stive to offer you reliable solutions to suit your needs. That is why we are proud to offer our customers the Yeastar telephony system. Yeastar is a leader on telephony system products based on Asterix developped to suit your business needs.

Whether your company is looking to update or install a new vocal infrastructure, Tango Nordik, a Canadian VoIP supplier, will offer your business a fully reliable and hosted PBX solution. Tango Nordik may also integrate your business  analogue lines from your actual provider.

For all your your telephony needs, do not hesitate to talk to one of our representative.

Hosted IP telephony (cloud)

You need an efficient and stable telephony system using advanced technology? Hosted IP telephony offers a superior portability. Talk in all places at all time with this simple solution.

Our VoIP skilled technicians offers you the best solution. More stable than ever, VoIP will be cost-effective since long distance calls are free (Canada / USA unlimited calls). Efficient for your business, but still unknown, we are pleased to offer advices regarding the purchase and installation of IP telephony technology. Moreover, our customer service and the efficiency of this new product will provide peace of mind.

Virtual fax solution

Simple and cost-effective, the Tango Nordik virtual fax solution will replace your old fax and servers. Adpated to all business sizes, virtual fax represent a simplify and efficient solution. You may send and receive, in a secure way and worldwide, fax by email using your business email. No need to invest in fax devices, paper, ink or server or reservice standard lines for fax purposes.



Telecommunication solutions are evolving and Tango Nordik offers innovative solutions to help you grow your business.


SIP channels

You need SIP channels? Tango Nordik can offer SIP links. You already have your telephony server and are only looking for SIP channels? We can help.

SIP, or Session initiation protocol, is the standard communication protocol for voice and video in a unified communication solution (UC) on a  le protocole standard de communications pour la voix et la vidéo dans une solution de communications unifiées (CU) on a data network. A SIP connection may  take over multiple calls that are forwarded to a IP network like Internet. 


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Terms of use

*Installation and equipment fees  apply. Conditions applies.


1. MBITS represent the download speed. Internet speed may vary according to computer technical configuration, your server, your network and other factors. 

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